May 19, 2011

Life in fairy tales

Well yesterday I went for movies break. Me and my wink wink companion had choose THOR 3D. The movie is about Thor, prince of Asgard, got exiled from his homeland as he so arrogant in all term.. Tapi ending dia, he repent and 70% happy ending another 30% is  bad ending. Sebab dia jatuhkan jambatan dia.. hehe.. X paham kan? Well, go watch THOR la.. Wednesday ticket murah kan..
Conclusion, not bad for a fiction movie. The movie visual surely will bring you somewhere if you are fairy tales dreamer,

My childhood, I was exposed with fairytales. When Syafa is small toin toin girl, her parent 'educate' her with Walt Disney fairytales movie (since I got 3 lil sisters). ^^ Yeah I'm growing up with Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Swan Princess and more. Plus reading Midah King, Alice in wonderland and etc.. Duhh So many to revise.. But, to be honest, I'm done with cartoon. I am tired each time I went back to my dearest hometown and watching barbies cartoon series. Ntah pape... I got cute little devils (not so little but they still cute - my lil sis). My point is, growing up with goofy fairytales stories and movies had brain feed a fantasy with castle, dragon, medieval gown and hot prince coming to save you from danger.

Moreover, as time goes by it profound the feeling to be in the beautiful world as visualized in the movies. (such as Avatar (exclude naked blue), Stardust, Never ending story, LOTR, Narnia, Percy Jackson). Kan best if the world is rainbows and butterflies, flying unicorn and I love medieval dress. Too much isn't. Haha.. tula.. tengok Thor punya pasal. I do not say I like Thor movie but the visual in there. How I wish the world is full of magic. (sumpah I curse and kill #$22$%)

Asgard One of Nine (Watch Thor okay? you understand better

Magic wont happen without White Unicorn (stardust)

So, for those who love to be young forever and a fairytale fantasy dreamer, enjoy this movie okay?
As reality is, you get nowhere if you never contribute hard work. Reality is.. M.O.N.E.Y.. agreed? So da da latu berangan.. Back to work!!!
Enjoy your fairy time dlm movie hall je ok!!


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