Mar 25, 2012

Gaining weight and jamu mak dara

What you going to do when you had gained 10 kg within 6 month??
Yeah, I've been putting  tooo much weight. I just realize this when I use the weighing scale at IKEA. I refuse to trust that I am "a bit" fatter than before but 3 weighing scale wont lie.. result showing the same.. quite embarrassed about this but from 44kg to nearly 52kg?? what is the next resolution.. hurmmm

My mom will nagging about this for sure.. dia dengan jamu jamu dia.. Even my dad da warn me.. Jangan gemuk.. hehe.. My sisters love to eat.. love toooooo eaaaaaaatttttttt...........My family mmg kuat makan. Tengah2 malam pun bgn masak.. Pagi, Petang and Malam.. But x gemok2.. Haha.. So this what my mom recommend:


I tried it twice.. As the taste soooww yucks!!. Thanks mom!!
Seriously I wont drink this anymore.. never!!

It has been there the last 6 month un open.. I wonder what grows inside it.. hehe..

Fat din i? But tondemonai.. Will work hard for my aim

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