Sep 26, 2012

Petaling street 2012 : from Malaysian view

Scary! Creepy place!
This so called china town of Malaysia, but most of the seller is not Malaysian Chinese, it was dominated by foreigner, mostly come from poor country (Bangladesh, Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia and Vietname). Lets call them "the people"

Petaling street rules is, if you ask and start to bargain, you have to buy, else the people will scolded you at the point of time.

This is the first time I went there. Most of the item are branded imitation. And most people who came there is tourist. Judging by the price, is way more expensive than other place. It is not worth it. But if you are lucky during the negotiation, you can get cheaper price. Bargain skill needed.. eheh

I noticed that all "the people" carry walkie talkie. Most of them tattooed. It some kind of gangster look. I can tell you, they are not Malaysian!

The reason I went there is to accompany my Japanese friend and that's it. Yeah, both of us manage to get something to buy, but...
I do not think that I will come back again here. And it was recommended not to go.

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