Nov 14, 2012

Driving license for Foreigner in Malaysia

Since one of my colleague is planning to get a car, he ask for my advice on how to get a car driving license or foreigner in Malaysia
I had a friend working as driving instructor in driving school. She use to be my teacher and we remain friend ever since. So here is my rojak english email to my fellow colleague.

Basically the step is

Register with driving school:

First (L license)
-This one is theoretical, So you gonna need to go for the training, they will explain all the rules
-After training they will give the guide book and make sure you read this to score your test
-Then you gonna have to register the test. This is computer test, so you cannot erase your answer. Answer once
-Make sure you score it!. If failed, you may re-test
-Once you pass your exam, you are entitle for L license.
(the L licensee only valid for 2 year from the issue date. Within this 2 years you need to take the P license. If not you gonna start all over again)
-You cannot use L licensee to drive car in Malaysia

Second (P license)
-This is where the practical begin
-Book you schedule with driving school teacher.
-Attend all the classes,
-Mandatory for you to complete 10 hours.. (not quite sure)
-But if you are uncertain, you can add extra classes. consult with your teacher

Third (The test)
-Once you are confident that you can drive, you may register the test,
-This is practical test
-Better for you to reserve the date and plan earlier as sometimes the test slot fully booked

Forth (Now you allowed to drive)
-Get your license in JPJ first. (Get the test result from your driving school, show it to them)
-Nearest JPJ is in Putrajaya. The process quite fast to issue it.
-If lazy, ask you driving school to do lah…

Payment (2012)… overall between rm1000 to rm1200 for foreigner.. Depends on driving school to consult how to process the payment
My advise do not make full payment until the P driving test

P/S: Driving teacher may be cocky and hot temper.. well, who likes to trap in the traffic and sitting next to NEWBIE.. bumpy drive all along could drive you crazy..
happy hunting for license

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