Dec 22, 2012

Rohingya community in Malaysia

I have been recently involved as volunteer to help refugees mainly coming from Myanmar.
Have not start my service yet but looking forward to it next year. Not getting my schedule yet
Not much that I know before, but after do few research I find out about mass killing Roghinya community in Myanmar.
Life is a living hell in their own motherland.
They crosses the international frontier into another country with the better hope.

Malaysia is currently host to one of the largest refugee and asylum seeker populations in Asia.
I had read, China, Singapore and Thailand force them to return to their country and turn away. Google it, you gonna find it.
It was sad to hear their story how they trap in the deep sea for days, weeks and some of them died when crossing the border.
Some other countries would not accepting them either. Imagine after horrible experience, countries turn away and they have to return back. But to where?

It was worrying as Malaysia keep accepting refugee, To date is 90 000.
Please corrected if I am wrong.
Some might complaining how cruel the government to stop accepting but bear in mind that Malaysia is a small country.
And Rohingya have to stop thinking Malaysia as their safe heaven.
And they should fight for their freedom in their own country. If we wanna help them, not here in Malaysia but there in Myanmar itself.

Living as refugee in Malaysia, they might be dealing with difficulties as no visas being provided.
Most refugee were redirect under UNHCR to obtain a refugee card which allowed them to stay in Malaysia but not allowed to work legally
But they have to understand, since they are refugee, they should not expect more and stop complaining,

Well, I strongly believe, education is the best way to approach for them to have a better mind set,
(Not only them, but some fools in Malaysia. We might have higher degree/education but do we really learned)
And we have to educated some fools how to respect these refugee and stop harassing them in the bad manner.

The reason behind all this is racial issue among them,
From my point of view, it is not who's right and who's wrong. If everyone win, what would happen?
It is within ourself that we are human being, We breath the same air, we step the same soil.

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