Jan 28, 2013

Understand ISLAM

I might said that I am half practice Muslim, but does not mean I am not believing and I do trust the act of kindness can be delivered in different form.

I was once from Islamic school. My family educated me in Islamic way, Pray 5 times a day, Fasting, covering Aurah and etc etc etc. Well, I hope one day that I can fully practice the daily life of  full practice Muslim. Well, I am still trying though.. Lets not talk about that..

What I want to share for myself is, ermm.. the ISLAM that I knew until I am 25 years old.
I never questioned as the peoples will always judge my faith.
I am quite troublesome during hi school time and my teachers were quite worried about me (whenever I go).
So the way people educated is never questioned, just followed as it is rule to be follow. The WHY never pop up. Etc:

Why we cannot touch dogs - people would say, are you crazy, why you want to touch dog? its HARAM
Why we have to pray 5 times a day - people would say, masyallah, Allah SWT suruh, x baik tanya.
Why we have to wear hijab - people would say, Itukan aurat, x baik la macam ni. you must covered.

U see, the society sometime is being skeptical and none of above answering me very well.
People that I know, were emotionally thinking rather rational thinking. Lets not talk about that either.

As I Google many of Islamic country relate to WAR and unstable politic. name it IRAQ, BOSNIA, CZECH, SUDAN, INDONESIA (timore leste) etc etc etc
From what I observed, If someone dress in typical Muslim wear and play a word by giving hadith here and there, then some one considered good and people will listen.
But do you know there were peoples who pretending to be decent Muslim out there and leave negative impression by others?? I hope we can judge who right/ wrong and stop using religion as political agenda.

As I am getting older, I am worried about how other perception about ISLAM as there were a lot of misconception about my proud religion. I have been living in peaceful country all this while and certainly ISLAM is religion of PEACE. But I hope that fellow Muslim to search for the truth on what is happening all around and what is really matter.

What I want is for me to really understand and make a good judgement, In this case WHY is very important as everything must have the reason. And from youtube videos some fellow Muslims can give a very reasonable answer and make me really understand that ISLAM is really tolerances religion. (And answers all my question as above)
But this is not what majority in west think..

Well, I do not want any argument as I am not fully practice (yet) and understand and even I am practicing maybe I do not fully understand (yet). - huh?
But it was really hurt when people have bad thought and laugh about your faith.
I had mention in my previous post that seeking knowledge is endless, Knowing what you were doing, be good to others and there is always an answer for every WHY. So I hope everyone happy with each other and being tolerence and have 2 views of thinking :p


P/S : If you Google "Anjem Choudary" and Maajid Nawaz, tell me who is the real Muslim.
What lie beneath in Aryaan Hirsi Ali's word?

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