Feb 20, 2013

Fulfill my desire

Now it is February, 10 days to go to reach March, Awesome!
So I had listed earlier what I really want and want to do this year. Let see my progress

- A lots of charity work - Done and doing it now ^^
- Climbing Mount Kinabalu -  Actively hiking now and it seem dream coming true this June, insyallah
- Sambung Master - Ok, da call cik Ju for support, next step hantar borang
- Pindah rumah sendiri - SNP da sign :) Tggu call from developer
- Para sailing, Bungee Jumping - Da book, yeah! Next month to Phuket
- Scuba Diving- Ni masih blom menjadi kenyataan. Tapi akan! swimming class x register lagi!
- CCNA, CCNP - Course taken but exam was not. Demn it x study lagi
- Reconstruct and Rebranding Crakylook - My estimation, by June things should be settled. hopefully. etc tailor, website
- Pergi Europe - So pet and friends discuss to go Greece. :( :) lets see hows the plan going so far

So I had add up another list

- Cycling around New Zealand - Yang ini maybe postpone next year kot
- Scuba diving at cocos keeling island- Yang ni pon the same lah. kena postpone next next year kot

But hopefully before Sept, I had fulfill all my goals sbb nak anak pulak.

Amin.. Amin

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