Mar 19, 2013

Empowering English sista!

English is worldwide.
My English were not that good but not that bad either. think so!
This is what my Australian colleague told me.

I can converse well but since it was not my native language and not in daily usage , my English were not poetic, of course!
Graduate locally, the level of the English were not satisfied me enough. But I try to speak and I learned.
Allahamdullilah ok je esp sgt guna bila bekerja!
Even I know my English sound bad kepada sape sape yang poyo, but I never stop practice English at home/elsewhere no matter how much i heard criticism from hubby.

I have 3 sister. The other 2 still schooling. They just like most of Malaysian, they understand English but they cannot converse that well. So I encourage them to practice even if it sound bad.

Thank god they love Kesha or bieber (yucks!!)
If our uztaz or politician or whoever la boleh cakap English cair for sure can lead us to next stage. Ni tak, cakap pung pang pung pang tak guna otak. Ke antarabangsa diam (hehe, ini ada hidden message kepada seseorang, maafkan if sesiapa terbaca).
Anyway, sis, if you read this, never stop learning okayh!! Kakak love you so much!!
Bahasa Melayu pun bagus, Bahasa Arab lagi bagus, tapi sebab Englisg is worldwide.. hurmmmm..

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