Mar 17, 2013

Trip to Phuket March 2013

We had fun in Phuket!! yeah!
We reached  Phuket at the night time, Based on the recommendation, we had dinner at Kesuma restaurant, Memang mahal la! Makanan so-so je. Order lobster. kena RM 110. Mak ai!
Malam tu jalan jaan pergi Bangla road, memang happening kat sini.

Dinner RM110
Misc= RM 30
Total = RM 140

Anyway, here is our itinerary

Day 1

Touring around south of Phuket
The route we took =  Patong > Phuket Town > Rawai > Kata > back to Patong.
Along the way, we saw a lot of tourist attraction and manage to try local food which cost only rm. 4!
Coincidentally we bump into T-shirt factory where I bought a fine short and a t shirt at only rm. 20. (If other shop will definitely cost me RM50)
We stop by each of the beaches and took the picture as a proof that we have been there.
In hot sunny day, trip seem exhausting but most importantly both of us having fun.
Dekat Rawai beach hubby saw an art gallery which caught his attention. Without bargain too much he agreed to buy 3 paint which cost us nearly rm. 500!! ( I still think this is such a waste and personally I think dia kena tipu).
By giving excuse yang the paint meant for our new house, I could not argue more.
Back to the hotel, we had Indian food for dinner.

Motorbike = RM 20
Gasoline = RM10
Lunch = RM 4
Dinner = RM50
Shopping = RM 30 + RM 450)
Misc = RM 30
Total = 594

Day 2

The next day we decided to explore the north. This time we rent more comfortable bike. Sakit bontot jalan jauh jauh ni pakai motor,
Cost us more for sure.
Our journey route = Patong > Kamala > Surin > Nai Yang Beach > back to Patong.
Again, we stop by each of the beaches and took the picture, the view along the way were amazing, masyallah.
We spend time at Nai Yang Beach for almost 2 to 3 hours. The beach were not that crowded and the view were not that mesmerizing either.
Some of the tourist were topless. ^^
Kerusi kena sewa tau,
Had lunch here and memang kena ketuk kaw kaw. As a muslim, finding Halal food in Phuket memang tak susah.
Back to Patong, hubby main Parasailing and I give a go for Go Kart.
We tried local food for our dinner, and hubby were so lucky terjumpa Burger Ramly dekat Phuket. Well, he was not adored Thai food as much as I did. So I gave him a go lah.
The kakak burger from Patani such a sweetheart, name is Solehah. If only we met her earlier for sure we can minimize our budget,
Well, U can reach her at  0816150767. She was a very nice lady. She can speak Malay very well just like the rest of us. :)
Seriously you need to meet her up. You gonna understand what I mean.

Motorbike = RM 30
Lunch = RM40
Beach Chair = RM12
Gasoline = RM10
Parasailing = RM110/pax
Go Kart = RM 60/2pax
Dinner = RM 20
Misc RM 30
Total = RM 312

Day 3

Being in Phuket for the first time and not knowing whether you will come back, my suggestion, you need to take island hopping package.
Numerous of tour agency in Phuket offer almost the same package,
We had choose to go to Phi Phi Island by speed boat.
This package include the lunch, transportation from/to hotel and 5 stop point.

- Phi Phi
- Viking
- Maya Bay
- Khai Island
- Monkey feeding monkey. haha
- Snorkeling and snorkeling again

We had our dinner at Tantra restaurant. It was recommended as the price is surprisingly cheaper than the street food! (Everywhere in Phuket, you need to have bargain power)
Food portion was enough for 2 person. Restaurant was very much exclusive and nicely decorated,
At the night time, we went for Simon Carberet, lady boys were doing some kind of musical miming show.
I am not a fan of musical show so the show was so-so for me,
Most of the lady boys were not that pretty if we look closer but they do have great body. Some have very cute face and look so pretty. Some of them.
They will ask you tips for taking picture with them. We did not as obviously the make up covering the whole things. :)

Phi Phi Island packed (speedboat) = RM 230/2pax
Simon Carbaret (VIP) = RM 120 /2pax
Dinner - RM 60
Misc = RM 30
Total = 440

Day 4

The last day in Phuket, we spend the whole time in Jungceylon Mall doing pampered stuff.
We pampered ourselves with pedicure and medicure and facial treatment,
Makan pun kat sini. Food court dia ada halal food! Oh ya jangan lupa try coconut icecream kat sini. RM12 n worth it

Motorbike = RM 20
Pedicure/ Medicure = RM 120/ 2 pax
Facial = RM 100/ 2pax
Lunch = RM 40
Taxi to airport = RM 60
Misc = 30
Total = MR 370

Hotel untuk 4 malam dalam RM900, Name is ASPERY. Besar and selesa, breakfast included, memang ada yg halal boleh di pilih. Flight ticket 500, pastu kena charge extra 100 sbb ada barang bawak balik. (nyesal x bayar online ari tu)
Grand total kitorang spend kat Phuket dalam approximately RM 3356,
memang best sebab dapat kenal new friends and try new activities. :)

P/S: Ada yg tanya pasal nak solat kat mana.
Kat sini surau x ada ye, Masjid ada along the way mesti akan jumpa. Kawasan kamala ramai orang muslim.
Kalau kat Patong dekat dgn masjid nur islam. phuket town pun ada banyak muslim!
Tapi kalau ikut island hoping trip, memang sempat la zuhur/asar sbb dia stop kat pulau. Kat speedboat mmg tak la bole, sbb org lalu lalang. pastu boat x stable sbb ombak. Ada je arab semayang pakai pakaian renang. hehe,, kebetulan, saya berkecuali time ni..^^
Kalau bab makan, cari je tanda halal. berlambak. x yah la ngada2 cakap susah nak cari makan di sini.
Tapi be ready la ye kena ketuk!
Bole nak lagi murah bergantung tahap keselesaan dan keseronokan masing masing :)


  1. Thank you nice article.
    your next trip…Phuket is the best choice for you!!
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    And I really love white sand, crystal clear waters at Surin Beach too.
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  2. tq too, I will go there again maybe try Surin Beach next :)