May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day


Eventho I know we block each other on facebook, we still view it thru aqilah.
so mama, I wanna say.
Thank you for your support and trust you gave.
Thank you for only saying once but make me think twice.
Thank you for channelling positive vibe and make us laugh kaw kaw.
Thank you for gulai rebung, pet punya asam pedas, laksa and many more.
Thank you for remind me when I exceeded 50kg.
Thank you for NOT SMOing by asking "bila nak kahwin" and "bila mama nak ada cucu".
Thank you for giving birth to my wonderful beloved sisters.
Thank you for teach me how to pow pocket money.
Thank you for becoming reporter of kad kemajuan adik-adik.
Thank you for being kind to others.
Thank you for your support and advice especially involve baby things!
Thank you Thank you Thank you

I know we are similar in many ways.
And mama, personally I think you are pretty but I x nak admit it as I takut u perasan. haha. Mama, I din hope you to read this. I just want to tell world that we owe our mom many thanks.
Happy mothers day (not only 12 May 2013 it was everyday.)

P/S : To MIL as well

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