Jul 13, 2013

Kayaking in Putrajaya

Kayaking at your door steps! BAHAHAHA
Putrajaya just 10 minutes away from Seri kembangan if no massive traffic (which usually does).

X sangka sini ada activity kayaking and all related water sport activity,
There are two places you can go.

1) Taman Wetland Rekreasi Air (NOT Taman WETLAND)
2) Kelab Maritim, very near to Pullman Putrajaya.

But I guess the best is Kelab Maritime,  unfortunately the canoe only for 1 person.
The fee is RM20 for 1 hours. Apa lagi kitorang rotate main, 1 hour for kayaking, can you imagine how tired my hand and muscle was? What we did was we pay for 2 person. instead of 4, 1 hour tu lama kot.

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