Jul 26, 2013

Second Pregnancy First Child

Yes I am finally pregnant. After all the plans I made I am finally expecting.
It was accidentally happen! haha. Well you cannot blame marriage right?

Definitely I am so happy with this pregnancy,
Unlike my first one, this time I find out earlier which is during my 5 weeks pregnancy.
I had stop all heavy work and get enough rest.

I had been waiting my 2 years to get a baby but no chance.
The first day we find out that fetus is growing in my womb, me and hubby cannot stop smiling.
I inform all my friends about the news on the FIRST day - yatie, irma, fieza, kak rose, gee, my dad, mimi. Not all,

The next day Amu call me about our plan for Kinabalu which I had to tell her the reason to decline.
We will make it next year. haha.
And because I urgently need to see the doctor for the net week, I inform my manager and finally Gee broadcasting to the whole team.

I had to cancel my Philippine trip,  Kinabalu Hiking, Diving, My family vacation in Tioman and White Water Rafting,
Huhu, but it is all for GOOD.
Macam pepatah melayu, kita mampu merancang, tuhan menentukan

Entering the 6th week or pregnancy I can feel my energy flat to zero, I had to face nausea and vomiting and became tired/exhausted all time.
It cause 2 MCs for the month. Imagine I never took MC this year (only once).
Gees, I hope my colleagues understand what I had been thru recently.

I cannot wait to get fat and holding my own baby. (Fat terrified me, Its been a while I never reach 50kg). What I missed the most during my pregnancy is Starbucks Frapuccino. Obviously I am caffeine heavy consumer, but my baby is my whole world and first priority. So saborlah

P/S: Doakan saya yg terbaik, agak risau sbb skrg ni masih dlm process kemas rumah baru

I am at 2 month pregnant. weehee...

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