Sep 19, 2013

My pregnancy progress


I am now entering 2nd trimester.
My weight still below 50kg, hehe.. weighing at 46kg at 16 weeks.
Hyperemesis gravidarum a.k.a morning sickness now gradually decrease and I am able to eat a bit!. Imagine the whole first trimester is all about vomiting and fatigue.
Recovering from excessive vomiting mean I can carter and arrange my supplement and foods so my baby can have good nutrition for his/her development,

Definitely I did not trust MLM product which I suggest all expecting mother to seek for doctor advice before consuming anything.
Do some research guys! Overdose vitamin or supplement can defect the baby so jangan simply simply nak ambik benda yg doctor x recommend,
Mcm mana pun I bought shaklee from my friend, Ana.
Actually tak ada la berani nak makan on daily basis but maybe I'll take it alternately lah!,
I just beli soya and calcium as doc said next check up she will provide me calcium.
Plus I tak lalu nak minum susu (which I love the most :(). Orang kata mommy syndrome.
Vitamin and supplement, memang from doctor directly.
My update here is not a suggestion but rather a note for myself.

Here was my planning and progress

1st trimester

- Vomit terribly.  I already use 3 MC and on leave occasionally. (Baru nak record "0" MC of the year)
- I do not have any energy to move, talk, walk or even think!
- I lost 5 kg yo! I am at 42kg!
- I sleep most of the time.
- This happen during my 8 to 16 weeks.
- I am quite worried about the nutrition for the fetus but allahamdullilah his/her progress develop well.
- Doctor even said morning sickness means baby was good and healthy.. (hah! yeke?) Maybe my hormone increase.
- Oh ya since I had miscarriage before, doctor gave me "ubat kuat rahim"
- I only take folic acid
- My source only bread, cracker, nestum and fruits. (apples, orange, pomegranate, kiwi, guava, longan)
- I was sensitive to certain odor especially bawang goreng or whatever goreng. yucks
- Suddenly I am milk hater and ice drink lover.
- Actually I went scan at 16 weeks, I da tau my baby gen. yeay. (canggih betul columbia asia puchong. service tip top, just prepare MYR 250 to 350)

2nd trimester

- I am recovering.
- Suddenly i sooooo totally in love with nasi lemak oldtown, asparagus goreng, nachos and nasi putih tempe goreng.
- Hmm apa lagi yang i'm craving , oh ya, junk food! (which I hate the most!!) but it was not good for baby so I stop.
- I do my monthly check up at Columbia asia Puchong as lazy to queue at klinik kesihatan. Maybe later la I bukak buku merah.. just in case,
- I am planning to deliver at Columbia asia Puchong, insyallah if tak ada apa apa.
- At this stage baru la doctor start to take blood, weight and urine test.
- Doctor provide me Pramilet.
- So far baby progress is good and develop well. (lepas scan je terus berjalan ke JPO)
- My bump still small but I think, I will start to collect maternity clothes,, err I mean more bigger clothes? I still can fit the ordinary ones!
- Now I start all my reading about babies.. huhu everything,
- This is when I will gain my knowledge before entering motherhood and plan our financial and budget
- Nak kena start baca surah surah Maryam, Yusof ni every night and start tengok pic comel2. haha

3rd trimester
- X sabar but I think I start to buy/collect things, I had downloaded the list. harapkan hubby memang takkan
- Maybe start 6 month I baru makan fish oil, neurogain and virgin coconut oil and my favorite air kelapa. nyum2
- At this point, having a brand new car seem impossible so we gonna wait for our baby born first!!
- Mati oii maternity tak cover
_ Pasal nama baby I serahkan to my sisters to decide.

P/s : So bye bye Philippine, scuba diving, Mount Kinabalu, master degree, white water rafting, japanese class. I'll see you next year lah


  1. hi, congrats to you. :)
    May i know how much on average u spend at Colombia hospital?? Still pondering to go private or gov. THanks :)

  2. Hi.

    Maybe I will update the monthly check up cost soon.
    So far the max payment I make 280.
    Others range between 150 to 200.
    And I just did make my monthly check up here as I really like the service and it was very convenient in anyway

    Well if I have no complication and still within budget, I will definitely go to columbia asia for my childbirth delivery.
    The staff there advise to prepare around 3000 to 5000.
    IF :)
    Otherwise, case such as premature delivery or need to czer, I will either go to gov or KPMC Puchong. Depends on which one the best to save both lives.