Jan 3, 2014

Taska Murah

Well since I am heavily pregnant and will deliver my baby anytime soon, of course finding a good nursery/baby sitter is a must.
But I think I will opt for nursery. susah kut nak cari baby sitter yang baik2 :).
But since price keep rising interm of EVERYTHING!! definitely next year I will be in tight budget.
I asked who is more superior in motherhood thingy. They told me it will defnitely cost me around 1500 to 2000 for my baby to have a good childhood life.
Well mainly in education, nursery, clothing, food and outdoor activity,
(To be honest me and hubby is not parent material. seriously!)

Recently there are too many heartbreaking stories about mishandling baby that causing instant death!
For me handling a baby is not easy. Trust me and it is a common fact.
My mom is a baby sitter. She instantly fall in love with Danish, Farish and Irfan.
All of my family member actually feel so thrilled to have boys in the family.
But it was HARD to find someone who is sincerely loving your child.

So, talking about the fee, most of us expecting to pay 200!! normal range for baby n KL is between 300 to 500,
Guys, be reasonable la sikit. If you paying only 200, how will the nursery make money?
The babysitter taking care your of child need, monitoring their movement, changing diaper, feeding them, educate them and you only expect to pay 200!!
Imagine 1 person to take care 10 babies, so nursery can only make MYR 2000?. Nak bayar babysitter lagi. Who want to live with the income below MYR2000?
It was reasonable to pay MYR500 above, BUT under one condition, the nursery have to maximize the babysitter and minimize the babies.
Let say 1 babysitter to take care 6 babies (maximum). [ONLY infant and do not mixed with toddlers]
So maybe her salary can range between MYR1200 to MYR1800. The rest goes to nursery. (Yela nursery janganla pikir untung je).

We as a parent have to think about babysitter as well. They surely want to make a living too!
Of course they want increment and career progress. Kan our currency value rendah, living cost tinggi.
Nursery pun satu, jangan la charge mahal2 and nak kejar untung je. They need to offer quality too.
It make sense nowadays, household income in Malaysia (2014) need at least MYR12000 to have a decent life.
Ako yang malas kerja pun pulun at least 4 days OT (40 hours) to achive decent money, so does nursery owner.
Lari topic jap.

Anak tu pembawa rezeki but x salah if you need to plan before ada anak.
As I said, our currency value rendah, living cost tinggi.
So kalau ada duit tu bayar je la taska yang mahal, janji ada quality.
This advice goes to me.

P/S: Acano nak buat? I think the idea of having retired/housewife to become babysitter ok kt. But we need to follow la their schedule 

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